Dalyan ,

Dalyan village is based on a river, surrounded by lush green fields breaking into spectacular mountain ranges. On the opposite side of the river is the ancient city of Caunos that is debatably the second greatest archaeological site in Turkey. Only 10% of the city has been unearthed and every year more and more treasures are discovered. The area around Dalyan has some of the widest variety of wildlife to be found in Turkey, including some species of birds not found elsewhere in the world.

The weather is dry and warm all summer, yet we have many large rivers that flow all year round, being fed by underground springs. A short tranquil boat ride away is a four kilometer long beach that is home to the rare Caretta Caretta turtles. With the views, history, culture, wildlife, water and sea topped off by the warm local hospitality, Dalyan is a true world beater of a holiday destination.

The tiny town of Dalyan in the province of Mugla on the South-Western Mediterranean is set in the centre of a broad delta whose natural beauty is completely unspoilt. This is one of the surviving corners of paradise, an area of outstanding natural beauty and historic interest. 
The Dalyan Channel, through which water circulates between the Mediterranean and Köycegiz Lake slowly meanders, forming a network of small lakes and waterways through reed beds rising to between 3 and 5 metres in height. (The journey through this natural labyrinth is romantic and mysterious)